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Prologue . Menginap Indonesia and INSANWISATA

Now, stepping to 2013, I make a significant progress in my life by learning to write down all of  my idea. Let’s say insanwisata, menginap Indonesia and my job training in Center for Tourism Studies.

1. Menginap Indonesia

Menginap Indonesia : a chance to enjoy villager life

Menginap Indonesia was built at 18th of May 2013. It is a website-based application of online home stay reservation in Indonesia. It was born as an answer of tourist’s need who wants to feel the villagers life such as farming, making traditional handicraft, etc.

Menginap Indonesia helps tourist to get an experience through the various unforgettable vacations by making a village-based home stay accommodation in Indonesia.

This application uses web-responsive which can be access through any kinds of gadget so it will be easier for the tourist to access this application.

Let’s get the unforgettable vacation and enjoy the groovy vacation. Just wander around the village and you could see the beauty right away!


My Presentation 


INSANWISATA  was built at 5th of December 2013. It is an Indo-tourism portal website. From insanwisata, we have the opportunity to explore new places, and the more important is we could working with passion. yeahh !

Behind the Scene of Menginap Indonesia and INSANWISATA

Hannif Andy Al anshori

I hope all of my program could be helpful for all of people around me.

Keep on Fighting for the better Indonesia!

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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